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Pushing Past Fears on the Journey Towards Your Dreams

This morning I saw a clip from a recent Hollywood Today show where Ross explains how he met Lady Gaga. The way he tells stories is always fantastic but this particular one was really moving to me. We learn through it that Lady Gaga gets scared. One of the biggest stars of our time and she gets nervous too - such a good reminder that even celebrities are humans. People with fears and insecurities just like the rest of us. If Gaga can get scared, then I say it’s ok that we do too sometimes. BUT, she dug deep and according to Ross said, “I’m going to do this for Ross and all the other Ross’ out there who are rooting for me” (in regards to appearing at the Golden Globes).

This greatly moved me for two reasons. One, we never know the impact we may be having on those around us. How was Ross to know Lady Gaga was even watching tv as she got ready and would be inspired by his excitement to meet her? Two, even if you feel no one in the world is rooting for you, I want you to know that I am. Even if we have never met, please know that I am cheering for you and your dreams. Don’t give up just because you’re scared or you've hit a rough patch. Dig deep, find your breath, channel your inner "Ross", step out in faith, continue fighting towards your dreams, and maybe even be a "Ross" for someone else as well. You’ve got this!

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