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Part teacher, part coach, part cheerleader, part storyteller:

Lindsay Smith is the Founder of Be Still Consulting and offers strategic planning, corporate wellness, individual coaching, and yoga to business leaders aimed to empower them and help them reconnect with their authentic selves.


Lindsay recently served as Vice President of Brand Evangelism for an employer branding firm where she supported companies such as Charles Schwab, USAA, and GoDaddy to hone, expand, and promote their regional employer brands. Lindsay built an educational division through which she delivered webinars on topics such as employee engagement, retention, and communication as well as several face-to-face events focused on recruitment and best-practice sharing.

She has facilitated workshops for organizations such as Havasu Regional Medical Center in Lake Havasu City, BestCompaniesAZ in Phoenix, Women Leading Government in AZ, and countless others.


Lindsay received a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University and is a certified yoga instructor. When not working with customers or teaching yoga, you can find her traveling, paragliding, or checking things off her bucket list.

Back story of how Lindsay got into yoga and a bit more about her . . . 


Lindsay was super shy as a child, so much so her mom introduced her to theater as a tool to break her from her shell. She cried during the first few auditions, but, by the grace of God, was cast in the Wizard of Oz, Cinderella, Annie and others. Overtime her shyness lifted and she ended up loving dance and musical theater. Lindsay performed throughout middle school and much of high school and even helped teach classes to younger students.


She abandoned this love to pursue a more “realistic” career until her sophomore year of college.  She ended up dropping out of ASU, getting married at 21, and taking over the family business. Fortunately, Lindsay lived a fairly sheltered life growing up.  Unfortunately this didn’t equip her with knowledge about addiction. The next seven years of her life were a rollercoaster as her now ex-husband battled a severe drug addiction that ultimately led him to becoming mentally and physically abusive of her.


She looks back and is sometimes uncertain how she became an abused wife.  Lindsay believes she was so focused on her ex’s wellbeing and attempting to help him get clean that she lost herself in the process.  They say if you slowly turn the heat up on a pot of water with a frog in it, the frog will not realize when it is eventually being boiled to death.  This was definitely the case for her.


As fate would have it shortly after leaving her marriage, Lindsay's sister suggested she try yoga in the summer of 2013 - a decision which ultimately brought her back into the world of movement, creativity and energy she had so loved as a child.


Since then she have been blessed to study under many inspiring teachers and graduated in May 2016 with her RYT 200 through Urban Yoga in Phoenix, Arizona. Lindsay has led practice for students at Urban Yoga, University of Arizona Medical School, The Zen Center, Evolve Dance & Fitness, countless private sessions, community yoga classes at DeSoto Central Market, and more!  


She is now also blessed to help other women looking to transition from abuse by sharing the power of yoga and what she's learned through her experiences at Fresh Start, a nonprofit in downtown Phoenix aimed at helping women transform their lives and strengthen the community.


Lindsay believe that yoga is for EVERYBODY and regardless of why someone comes to the mat, she hopes they leave class more relaxed and freer than when they began. She is truly honored to share her practice and learn alongside Arizona’s yoga community as we each work to quiet our minds and move in the direction of bliss.

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