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"The past 6 months of my life have been rough ones. Starting in March, one of our best friends from church suddenly died after a rather short battle with lung cancer. In April, after 9 years of teaching, my job contract was not renewed. A few weeks after that my faithful companion dog of 13 years had to be put down. The euthanasia did not go well which made me struggle even more with my decision to put her down. It was the morning after saying "goodbye" to my faithful companion when I began to feel like my whole world was caving in. Lindsay happened to phone me that a.m. and her short talk that morning gave me the encouragement I needed to walk forward and face another day. I still had not obtained a new job and the house seemed empty without my dog, but Lindsay reminded me (much like the message in her blog) that we all experience challenges and dark times in life. She encouraged me to be good to myself and to just keep putting one foot in front of another with the wisdom I had for that day.


Now that I am beginning to get "on the other side" of some of my sadness, I am finding that the lessons I have learned over these past few months have been not only life-changing but vital to my growth and needed for preparing me to walk out the next season of my life. Lindsay's words of understanding and encouragement during that time were just what I needed (and ones I will never forget). THANK YOU, Lindsay!" - Debbie T.

"I had surgery a few months ago with some severe complications afterward. Lindsay helped me through this rough time by sending links for meditation and mindfulness practices. She also took the time to send personal messages to help alleviate the emotional stress and cheer me up. I highly recommend working with her. She is a very kind, caring, and loving person who goes out of her way to help others. Lindsay has a positive approach to life and I learned a lot from her." —Rita 

"Lindsay is an incredible mentor who has helped significantly guide my early-career journey. We originally worked closely in a business setting and right away I recognized Lindsay's passion and talent for guiding others in their own journeys. She is a master at understanding people and infusing her clients' lives with deep wisdom and the encouragement they need to succeed. She has given me truly valuable advice on mindfulness and finding balance in my life. She approaches all situations with love and understanding! 


Lindsay is authentic, kind, fun to work with, and she brings precisely the kind of energy and insight that has inspired me to take new leaps in both my career and personal life. 


The passion she has for her mission in work, paired with her expertise in helping clients uncover their potential, makes me proud to call her a mentor and friend!" - Emily L. 

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